Southern California has so many stunning places to hold an event that is sometimes makes choosing just one overwhelming. The very first feeling you get upon arrival is your indicator. Notice how every staff member treats you – after all, your guests probably won’t be interacting with your sales or catering manager. Not every property is right for every person, but as soon as the valet opens the door, you should know if it is right for you! Additionally, here are a few other tips that can help you choose the correct venue:

First, your and style should reflect the essence of your event location.

Since location, food and beverage will take into account nearly half of the budget, this is critical. By choosing a venue’s décor that matches your style means it ought to minimize the décor rental fees to change the appearance in the main reception. For instance, if you are looking for a contemporary essence, Seven Degrees Arts Gallery in Laguna Beach or The Penthouse at Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica pulls a really contemporary style. While, the Tuscan style of Pelican Hill Resort will pull a traditional style.



Second, consider unconventional event venue to add flavor to your event.

They include historical sites, private estates, parks, ranches, ski and beach resort. Many still have their event in routine venues such as hotels, conference centers and meeting halls. Also, look at the space capacity before your book your venue!


Third, know your budget!

Budget plays a role in the location of your event. Take into consideration the cost of location, food, beverage, invitation, entertainment, lighting, flowers and other rentals. As a general rule, food and beverage for luxury properties are $250+ per person, while resort and hotel are $150+. Yet still, other special venue are $75.+ per person.

Forth, comfort and convenience of your guest experience!

It is important your guest discover the venue and have easy access to your event location.

Fifth, indoors versus outdoors?

Event knowledge dictates that weather and climate conditions have to be considered inside your venue selection.

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