Of the many events we have been involved with, here are just a few design tips that will help in transforming your celebration into an unforgettable event.

A seasoned event coordinator is your “insurance” to guarantee a magnificent celebration!

A décor designer such as Paradise Delight sets the ambiance for the celebration. The band and entertainment sets the rhythm. The catering and their professional staff attends to the needs of your taste pallets. The photographer captures the moments. The event coordinator is the “logistics expert” that will allow you to free up your time so that you can enjoy your celebration. Please call us if you need a referral from our preferred partners.

Create a statement with beautiful focal point!

Instead of letting the flowers tell the entire story, first create an incredible environment. Then accent with the flowers in key location to enhance the space without overwhelming it. This allows the eye to rest on a beautiful focal point.

It’s in the details!

Even after you’ve set the budget, theme, guest count and decor, the real work has yet to begin. Discovering those moments of guest experience is what makes the difference between a good party and an extraordinary event. It may be in the way the overhead lighting cascades onto the table overlay or in the stylized seating arrangement. It’s those kinds of subtle discoveries that forge truly vivid memories.

Invitations need to be inviting, not just convey information!

The first thing an invitation should be is to establish anticipation of the event. This is the beginning of the relationship between the giver and the receiver and it should convey how delighted the hosts are to include the guest in sharing the momentous experience. Make keepsakes and items that people will treasure for years to come is an extension of that relationship and a true celebration of love and life.

Location, Location, Location!

California has so many stunning places to hold an event that it sometimes make choosing just one overwhelming. The very first feeling you get upon arriving is your indicator. Notice how every staff member treats you. Not every property is right for every person, but as soon as the valet opens the door, you should know if it is right for you.

Eat, drink and be merry!

When you are in the midst of choosing a caterer, a tasting is a terrific way to gauge if their style matches up with yours, how they handle the special requests, and how they present themselves. However tempting it might be to try 8 or 10 different companies, limit tasting to only your top three. Any more and important details can get lost. Do your research, collect referrals, and have an initial meeting before scheduling a tasting. By the time the fork reaches your lips, you should have a pretty good idea of which caterer will be the best match for you.

Music is supposed to convey a mood. If it doesn’t make you feel anything, it’s just noise!

When choosing the type of music for your event, don’t rely solely on your own preference. Not only should you think about the mood you want to set, but it’s wise to take into account the ages, backgrounds, and preferences of your guests. Nothing will elicit a better response than when the band strikes up the first few notes of a certain era’s standard or a particular song that holds special meaning for those in attendance.